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Travel space together 

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Euro Space Center, creator of Space Heroes

Looking for an outing idea for your association? Organising a birthday party? Direction space for a day of exploration like no other. The Euro Space Center provides a unique and thrilling adventure to experience together.


Only on reservation
1 dayDay trips in groups
5 and older

Visit + combinations

starting at10,50€

A space adventure for everyone

Lift off and discover the mysteries of our universe. A unique moment to share! We’ll take you to unexplored destinations.





5 and older. Complete programmes available on request.

Minimum 20 people

By reservation only

6 and older


starting at 13 €

Your birthday with the astronauts

Choose one of three options and turn your birthday into a real space mission!






Minimum 10 people

By reservation only

60 and older


starting at 9,50€

Excursions for senior citizen groups

Explore the mysteries of space conquest with your guide






Complete programme available on request

minimum 20 people

By reservation only