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Astronaut class

From 9 to 18 years old 2 optional themes

From 2 to 5 days Full- and part-time stays


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Astronaut class


From 9 to 18 years old. Stays of 2 to 5 days. Space activities are supervised by teachers seconded to Euro Space Society by the Ministry for Education, Arts and Letters of the French-speaking Community of Belgium.


Prepare your students for take-off. Our space mission simulator awaits them. But first, they'll have to take the astronaut training course on our simulators. Science workshops are also planned so that they can build and launch their own rocket. Presentations with films and other documents will teach them the history of space exploration and about daily life and work in space.

Complete programme available on request.

Space mission

Simulation of a space mission with a flight simulator and all of NASA's real procedures. Take-off, orbiting, satellite release, docking with the International Space Station, re-entry in the atmosphere and landing. The mission is preceded by an explanatory briefing about the different roles available.

Multi-axis chair

Astronaut training simulator. The goal is to disorientate potential astronauts. They will have to concentrate to carry out an exercise. The multi-axis chair was developed by NASA after the Gemini missions.

Moonwalk/Marswalk XP

Experience Moon and Mars gravity thanks to virtual reality technology. Our chair will let you experience the challenges of walking on Mars or the Moon. The Oculus Rift mask will immerse you in landscapes that will take your breath away. Get ready for a unique immersion experience!


See different moments of the "Astronaut class" in the following gallery


Regain your energy at the Space Resto !

  • During your stay, 4 daily meals are planned in self-service.
  • During your excursion, you can eat a hot meal on site or a picnic with the purchase of one beverage per person (€1.80 for elementary and high school classes / €1.30 for kindergarten classes).
  • All meals will be taken at the Euro Space Center restaurant (2 dining areas - seating for 200).
  • The meals can be modified according to your cultural habits and for any allergies or food intolerances (at an extra cost).
  • Menus are available on request.


A night in weightlessness

Take advantage of Euro Space Center’s facilities and live your entire stay in a space setting.

  • During your stays, the Euro Space Center provides you spacious rooms.
  • The Center has 205 beds in 24 rooms on three floors.
  • Each room can accommodate up to 10 people and has a shower, 2 sinks and a toilet.

Thèmes, tarifs et réservations


Select a theme for your stay (not required)

Do you want to give your stay a direction? Then, choose between Astronomy and Rockets. In addition to astronaut training, part of the programme will be dedicated to rockets or astronomy. Complete programme available on request.

Astronomy option

Discover the universe
of astronomy !


Follow in the footsteps of Galileo and Copernicus with your students.

Your class will know everything about watching the stars. Your students will discover our solar system and distant galaxies. Comets, black holes, meteorites… Take a peek at the extraordinary richness of our universe.

Rocket Option

Become a young talented space engineer !


Propel your class into space!

Your students will build and launch their own rockets. Propulsion systems, stability in flight, powder rockets, they'll learn the basics of space engineering. From theory to practice, they will know everything about rockets. The launchpad is ready. Ready for take-off!


according to the type of stay


    European Union (EU)     Non-UE
    Part-time Full-time     Full-time  
  2 days / 1 night        
  Low season 79,00€ 148,00€     173,00€  
  Mid-season 90,00€ 148,00€     173,00€  
  High season 101,00€ 148,00€     173,00€  
  3 days / 2 nights        
  Low season 133,00€ 234,00€     271,00€  
  Mid-season 144,00€ 234,00€     271,00€  
  High season 155,00€ 234,00€     271,00€  
  4 days / 3 nights        
  Low season 187,00€ 320,00€     369,00€  
  Mid-season 198,00€ 320,00€     369,00€  
  High season 209,00€ 320,00€     369,00€  
  5 days / 4 nights        
  Low season Price 406,00€     467,00€  
  Mid-season On 406,00€     467,00€  
  High season Request 406,00€     467,00€  

Low season: September and December
Mid-season: August, October, November, January and February
High season: March, April, May, June and July

A free accompanying person with 12 participants. Each additional accompanying person: €31.00/day (EU) or €41.00/day (Non-EU). Each extra night on arrival and departure: €31.00/day (EU) or €41.00/day (Non-EU)
These prices are “all in” - 4 meals a day.

Conditions of partial cancellation:
In case of absence of some of the participants on the first day of the camp without any earlier warning at least 30 days before the beginning of the camp, there will be no refunding of the paid amounts and the total amount calculated on the initially planned numbers will be billed. The only exceptional circumstances which justify a reimbursement are death of a close family member on presentation of a death certificate or sickness justified with a medical certificate.


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