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Multimedia exhibition

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Simple visit + Moonwalk/ Marswalk XP

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+ Planetarium + Moonwalk/Marswalk XP

Simple visit + Planetarium + Moonwalk/ Marswalk XP

Simple visit + Planetarium + Moonwalk/ Marswalk XP

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They loved the Euro Space Center!
And you?

"Very interesting guided visit, easily accessible to young children. My two little astronauts also really apreciated the Moonwalk! "
Maas Franck
26 April 2016


Space Heroes are landing!

Welcome to the world of Space Heroes !

The Euro Space Center is pleased to present its new outdoor game: Space Heroes !   Five Space Heroes are landing at the Euro Space Center : Beep 2.1, Hurlock, Jim Kenway, Nathan Flint and Tania Bradley.


Marswalk XP : A new attraction at the Euro Space Center

Be the first Human on Mars !

Thanks to our Marswalk XP simulator, equipped with a virtual reality mask, you discover European Rover ExoMars's future site of landing. You feel the Martian gravity where your weight is divided by 3. Take a step forward and meet one of the major challenges of the 21st century.

At the heart of the Ardennes

The sky reveals its secrets at Euro Space Center.
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Euro Space Center location map

just 1h30
from Brussels

1h from Namur
1h from Liège
236h from the Moon...