Special Week-end : Destination Moon

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Take a fun and educational trip to our natural satellite, the Moon!

The Euro Space Center, Europe's only theme park dedicated to space adventures, invites you to a unique event: "Destination Moon". An exceptional weekend to explore our natural satellite like never before, with activities designed to amaze the whole family.

Why the Moon? As well as being the next objective of the Artemis mission, the Moon, Earth's mysterious companion, has captivated humankind for millennia; its beauty, changing phases and scientific mysteries never cease to fascinate us.

Programme of Activities:

Spationaut day and its 10 activities
Robotics Workshop (From age 10) : Learn the basics of programming to guide a space rover.
Space Capsule Workshop (From age 6): Build your own space capsule with parachute.
"Painting the Moon" workshop (From age 3): Express your creativity by painting your own moon.
Moon Observation: Discover how to observe the Moon with binoculars and telescopes.
Science Show: Explore the mysteries of lunar craters and the link between the Moon and Earth's tides.
Space Food Tasting: Sample meals designed for astronauts.
Storyteller: Immerse yourself in fascinating stories about the Moon.
Book your place online to guarantee your participation in this unforgettable adventure!

Come and enjoy a fun and rewarding family outing. This special weekend is a unique opportunity to discover the Moon like never before!

See you on 16 and 17 March!

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