- The Euro Space Center, located in Transinne along the E411 (exit 24), places special importance on accessibility for people with disabilities.

Ons personeel, dat speciaal gesensibiliseerd is, staat altijd klaar om u te verwelkomen, te helpen en u alle nodige informatie te geven tijdens uw bezoek.

Wij verbinden ons er ook toe om de toegang tot onze faciliteiten zo goed mogelijk te vergemakkelijken om ervoor te zorgen dat elk van onze bezoekers een aangenaam en onbelemmerd moment heeft, in een gastvrije omgeving die is aangepast aan alle behoeften.



Parking spaces :

The building is easily accessible thanks to its façade (the Europa 4 rocket and spacecraft visible from the highway, as well as the "wall" of solar panels) :

The main entrance is not accessible to wheelchair users (automatic revolving doors), but a side door provides access to the building. There is a bell next to the front door for assistance. Staff are on hand at reception to provide information and assistance if required.

in the building :

  • Reception is equipped with a lowered section.
  • The building has several floors.
  • Two lifts are available for people with special needs :
  • There is a PRM toilet in the building. This toilet is located near reception :

visit :

Many activities are accessible to people in chairs. However, some of them are not accessible: the Moon Walk/Mars Walk XP (1), the Space Rotor (2) and the Free Fall Slide (3).

Instructors are on hand throughout the visit to provide help and information.

The main entrance is not accessible to the visually impaired (automatic revolving doors), but a side door provides access to the building. Next to the entrance door, there is a bell to ask for help. Staff are on hand at reception to provide information and help if required.

  • Assistance dogs are welcome.
  • The building is arranged over several floors.
  • A lift is available for people with special needs.
  • There are no guide lines on the floor.
  • All staircases have at least one handrail.
  • Lighting is sometimes inadequate for the visually impaired.

visits :

  • Visual information is not accompanied by a voice announcement.
  • There is no visitor's guide in large print.
  • Tours for groups may be offered.
  • Instructor guides are available along the tour route to help or provide information.

Staff are present at reception and can see the public and help them if necessary (staff are not trained in lip-reading or sign language).


The path to reception is intuitive.

At the Euro Space Center you can learn new things about space. Space is where the Earth and the planets are.

There's a lot of equipment at the Euro Space Center.

You can try them out. 

Some of the machines are used by astronauts to do exercises. 

An astronaut is someone who goes into space in a rocket.

Astronauts go into space to find other planets.

At the Euro Space Center, you'll be acting like an astronaut.

Reception staff can help you if you need assistance.

You can pay in cash or with a mobile payment system.

Instructor-guides are on hand to provide help and information along the tour route.

There is no easy-to-read or easy-to-understand information.

Practical information: to avoid overcrowding, we recommend that you come in the morning.

If necessary, a quiet place will be provided.

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