Astronaut day

The visit includes access to the various activities listed below:

  1. Space Hub
  2. Space Tour
  3. Mars Village
  4. Space Flight Unit
  5. Space Rotor
  6. Planetarium
  7. Moonwalk XP/Marswalk XP
  8. Free Fall Slide
  9. Outdoor tour
  10. Cosmic Valley

All of these activities can be done in the order you choose and at your convenience. You also have access to our interactive photo booth, where you can take a free photo.

Parking at the Euro Space Center is completely free for the duration of your visit.

You can absolutely spend an entire day on-site if you choose to try all of the activities we offer.

Some activities are not available to people under the height of 1 m 10 cm (3.6 ft).  In any case, their admission is free. This means that there are no age restrictions, but there are height restrictions.

You can, and it is recommended that you make reservations to visit the Euro Space Center via our e-ticketing platform. You can select the date of your visit. If you do so at least 24 h before the visit, you will receive a €2 discount on your admission ticket.

Most of the activities take place indoors, but you also have access to our outdoor tour.

A bus line connects the Euro Space Center to the train station in Libramont, the closest city, located 12 kilometres away. The public transport schedules are subject to change. However, you will not have enough time to complete all of the activities we offer if you choose to use public transport.

For safety and hygiene reasons, our animal friends are not allowed inside the Euro Space Center.

The rooms are accessible to pushchairs. However, some rooms have stairs.

The Euro Space Center is specially outfitted to allow access to persons with reduced mobility. However, some activities such as the Space Rotor and Moonwalk XP are not accessible to persons with reduced mobility.

However, some activities are accessible subject to the discretion of the staff.

For activities to which certain restrictions apply, please see the following section "Are there any particular restrictions on certain activities?

Some of the activities are not accessible to people with one or more types of conditions. Here are the pictograms present in our centre and the simulators to which they apply:

   Min. size :

             1m10: Moon Walk/Mars Walk XP, Space Flight Unit*, Space Show 5D*.

             1m30: Space Rotor

   Pregnant women: Space Rotor, Space Show 5D*, Space Flight Unit*, Free Fall Slide, Moon Walk/Mars Walk XP

   Max. 100kg : Moon Walk/Mars Walk XP, Space Flight Unit*.

   Motor disability: Planetarium**, Moon Walk/Mars Walk XP, Space Show 5D*, Space Flight Unit*, Space Rotor

   Back problems: Space Rotor*, Space Show 5D*, Free Fall Slide

   Heart problems: Free Fall Slide, Space Show 5D*, Space Rotor

   Epilepsy: Moon Walk/Mars Walk XP, Space Flight Unit, Space Show 5D, Space Rotor

   Waist size:

    • Space Show 5D - the safety bar may not be suitable for all body types.
    • Moon Walk/Mars Walk XP : same as above. The seat and the seatbelt may not be suitable for all body types.

*It is possible to do it sitting in a "normal" chair.
**Only one wheelchair space available per session.

We have a number of lockers located at the entrance which are reserved for Euro Space Center visitors. Make sure you bring a €1 or €2 coin.

Lost items found by Euro Space Center members are collected and can be recovered within a reasonable two-month period by contacting the front desk.

Free public Wi-Fi is available at the Euro Space Center.

The Euro Space Center is a theme park where people come to dream about space.

Our objective is to popularise science. When you visit the Euro Space Center, you will not only learn about the importance of science in daily life, you will also have access to high-quality content which explains the ins and outs of the conquest of space. To this end, our activities are simultaneously interactive, rewarding and fun.

The Voyager Café welcomes you from 9 am to 5 pm, offering hot meals between 11:30 am and 3 pm. You will find a variety of meals, desserts, snacks, as well as hot and cold beverages. Enjoy our outdoor spaces, including our covered terrace, Sun Square, and Cosmic Valley, where picnics are welcome.

In case of bad weather, those wishing to picnic can settle in the restaurant, provided that they order at least one drink per person. When the restaurant is full, priority is given to customers consuming meals on-site.

We have implemented a series of measures to guarantee the health and safety of our workers and visitors.

You can take advantage of special deals when you book your flight at the Euro Space Center. The cards provide a free entrance for Astronaut Day.

We accept the following advantage cards: ·        

  • Bongo         
  • Pass Visit Wallonia         
  • Educpass         
  • Carte prof       
  • Lerarenkaart         
  • Attractions & Tourisme         
  • Sport & Culture

To use your advantage card when making a booking, first select the type of ticket and the number of tickets you want to book and fill in your contact information.

Once you’ve done that, you can click on “Enter” under the “Advantage card” tab. Next, select your advantage card and enter the identification information. Then, confirm your order. Payment will be made on the day of your visit, after verification of your advantage card and presentation of proof of identity.

You’re now ready to board the Euro Space Center spaceship. Your confirmation is in your mailbox!

To use your discount code when making a booking, first select the type of ticket and the number of tickets you want to book and fill in your contact information.

Once you’ve done that, you can enter your discount code under the “Discount” tab and confirm by clicking on the check sign. Next, select your advantage card and enter the identification information. Confirm your order.

You’re now ready to board the Euro Space Center spaceship. Your confirmation is in your mailbox!

Yes, you can leave and come back in thanks to the bracelet you received when you arrived.

You can visit the Euro Space Center between 9:00 am and 4:00 pm. To avoid busy times and queues, we recommend that you visit in the morning.

If you can’t find the answer to your question, send an email to Our stewards will be happy to help you!

We always advise you to book your tickets in advance to ensure a place on board our spaceship. If you come without a reservation, we cannot guarantee you entry to the center when it is fully booked (for safety and quality reasons).

Access to certain activities is prohibited for pregnant women. Nevertheless, you can still enjoy a pleasant day at our center. You can also benefit from the child rate (€27 online or €29 on-site) upon presentation of a medical certificate at the entrance of the center.

Children under the age of 14 may not enter the Euro Space Center alone. Proof of age may be required at any time.

During their visit, whether as a family or in a group, children must remain under the constant care and supervision of their parents and/or carers.

With the exception of a few activities, our center is mostly accessible to people in wheelchairs.

Here is the list of activities that are accessible:

  • Space Hub: most tests are accessible except for the following:
    • Rapidity
    • Stability
    • Agility
    • Precision
  • Space tour
  • Space Flight Unit
  • Space Show 5D
  • Planetarium
  • Cosmic Valley
  • Mars Village

Space adventure camps

We organise camps (ages 6 to 18, with room and board or daytime-only) which are unique in Europe and held during school breaks. These camps are a unique opportunity for children to get a close look at the lives of astronauts, astronomers and aerospace engineers. We promise to make your child a space hero! To do this, the children are supervised by a passionate and professional team. Our programme includes 11 different themes and is constantly evolving.

The camps are structured around a programme that includes 35 hours of activities over 5 days. Four meals per day are included in our full room and board offering. The children also receive two T-shirts with a Euro Space Center print, a diploma, a souvenir photo, a badge based on the camp chosen, a gift and their creations from the camp.

Euro Space Center has been organising camps for children for 30 years. Its success has been growing and it currently welcomes more than 1,000 children every year. The children are loyal to the Euro Space Center and many of them come back year after year. Our satisfaction rate is 94.3%. A space adventure camp is also an opportunity to be a part of the Euro Space Center’s astronaut community and to continue the adventure through our Space Lab, online conferences, and an active Facebook page. Our slogan: Creator of space heroes!

Yes. Each camp caters to a specific age group. In addition, the groups are designed to minimise age differences.

During the day, the children are supervised by a professional and passionate team that oversees the many activities included in the programme. In the evening, our monitors take over and your child can participate in a film session or indoor or outdoor group games, if the weather allows.

You can see photos and view posts about their daily activities on a blog accessible only to parents who have signed their child up for the camp. We also provide a mail correspondence service for parents/children who are interested.

Whereas training an astronaut at the ESA can cost nearly €12 million, your child can become a space hero starting at €435, with full room and board.

The ideal solution is, of course, to select a camp with full room and board.

For daytime-only camps, we are happy to welcome your child from 8:00 in the morning to 17:00 in the afternoon.

On Friday, we provide day-care until 17:30.

We can tailor the food according to requests made prior to the start of the camp if your child suffers from specific food allergies or has to eat a special diet.

We form groups of maximum 16 children by age.

Our rooms host up to 10 children. Boys and girls are in separate rooms.

Science at School


Les écoles désireuses de s'inscrire aux ateliers doivent impérativement se situer en province de Namur ou du Luxembourg. Ces ateliers sont réservés aux classes de 5 et 6ème (ou 5/6ème regroupée) primaire avec un maximum de 28 élèves.


You can make an advance reservation for your child’s birthday with their friends at the Euro Space Center. You have a choice between two options (on Wednesdays, Saturdays and during school breaks).

From ages 6 to 12 depending on the option chosen.

In order to give your child a high-quality experience, we accept groups of minimum 10 children.

Your child will take part in an unforgettable experience supervised by one of our experienced monitors. They also receive personalised invitations, a souvenir photo, a Euro Space Center badge and a cake.

Family weekends

You can spend a weekend (1 or 2 days) with your family at the Euro Space Center on certain pre-set dates.

You have access to our space simulators for two days, some of which are not normally accessible to the general public. Your group is led by passionate instructors. You can spend the night in one of our comfortable rooms with bathroom. Meals are also included in our offering.

Family weekends, or "minitrips" are for families or groups of friends from minimum 4 people.

Minors under the age of 16 must be accompanied.

Who are we ?

The Euro Space Center is a themed centre which aims to educate people about space science through a range of activities. Visit our Space Tour and astronaut training simulators. We welcome the general public as well as schools and groups.

Other questions ?

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